I just wanna get high and listen to modern baseball still 

I like Journalism because it makes you realize that everything is not formatted. In high school, they make it seem as though to accomplish any task you just follow someone fail safe formula that someone invented, tested, and proved hundreds of years ago. Then you come to college and you realize that everything is not perfect, not within the world and not within your local society. Everything is a variable and variables are subject to change. The world doesn’t flow constantly in the set pattern that someone devised years ago. It alters. And us now affect everything that happens. In high school, I would get the distinct perspective that history is dead. That it was long ago and now we’re in the modern world, that seized everything that history has taught us and is now perfected. It’s not. Our world is still growing and our history still affects us now. All our laws and systems are not absolute. Nothing is absolute. And journalism helps me realize that. That we have a question, that we have to examine. And there’s no set formula to how that’s done. There’s no guidelines to journalism book that says “first question Tom,” or whoever the main subject is, no it changes from situation to situation and sometimes you hit roadblocks, sometimes the story takes an expected turn. This isn’t a science. The world isn’t down to a science, it’s ever-changing, and that’s something I think we need to recognize if we ever hope to grow with it. 

The fact that 21 is a bigger birthday than 18 just highlights exactly what’s wrong with our culture. Why are the moments we treasure most the fleeting moments of happiness what we vaguely remember through nights of drunk haze. Moments when we’re high and drunk where we aren’t our true selves, and we weren’t in reality. But an edited reality. Maybe that’s the dream, the allure to escape reality if only for a few hours, to not be yourself but some escalated version of the person you want to be. Is it because most can’t achieve lasting happiness? Is it because regular life is too mundane? I think we place value on the wrong things. I think it’s scary that we’re afraid silence and the deep thought that comes with it. Distractions are our savior. How can this minute be less than a minute? But why is the time running out so quickly? I’m not opposed to drugs and alcohol, I enjoy the moments of ecstasy while giggling with friends. But I don’t use it as a substitute for real happiness in my life or to avoid what’s going on in front of our faces. We’re so obsessed with going fast and speeding through life that we miss the most important things and we don’t realized we were never truly happy. I’d prefer to live in this reality, this world with all of it’s amazing faucets and wonders to offer. The day we gain access to all the world has to offer bring should be the most treasured birthday. 

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